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Documentary Production Workshop | March 19-21

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The Documentary making workshop offered by Videomaker is designed to help you learn the basics of documentary production. Encompassing three days of lectures, practices and film documentary examples, the class takes you from the budgeting and planning stage to some production techniques and learning how to navigate through the murky waters of distribution.

Documentary Instructor: Gerard Ungerman

Originally a print-media journalist with a military background, Gerard Ungerman started FREE-WILL PRODUCTIONS with his former wife and partner Audrey Brohy in New York in 1995. Ever since, his work has focused primarily on human rights and the environment. Funded essentially by sales and private donations, Ungerman has always sought to remain independent from large corporate production structures. His belief is that true democratic media should not be controlled or filtered by powerful interest groups, be them commercial or political. Determination and skills learnt along the way have allowed him to give high production value to otherwise low-budget projects and to bring international visibility and recognition to controversial stories that commercial news and entertainment would not touch.

* Gerard pictured in Baghdad.

For more information on this event check out Videomaker's workshop page.