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DIY Track & Dolly

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A cheap alternative to the other track rigs that cost several hundreds of dollars.

The Track & Dolly:

Sample Footage:

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"Do you stand on it or waht?"

Ideally the platform should be larger enough for your camera on a tripod and the camera operator should have somewhere to stand/sit while he's looking into the view finder or LCD. An assistant would help push him or her along along the tracks.

This guy's platform is so tiny though. The movement isn't very fast or far, so I'm sure he has his camera on a tripod and just pushes the dolly himself.

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Judging from some of the angles, the camera may justbe sitting on the dolly as well. It didn't look like it could take much of a tripod.

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Ok, cause it did look really small so I was wondering :)

BTW Great footage, very smooth!

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