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DIY $100 Camera Stabilizer

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For more information check out:

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Nice. It'd sure be nice if these guys making these videos would take some extra time to put closeups in on the parts during assembly.

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Hi, I am a filmmaker, and I was looking for a sollution to get steadier shots, and after trial and error I came up with this camera stabilizer. See if you like it.

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Personally, being poor, I'm a firm believer with the proper amount of PVC, ANYTHING can be built for less than $50. I've got a $15 shoulder mounted rig, $2 "fig rig" and am making about $30 worth of track for a tabletop dolly I purchased.  The track I'm building will be able to mounted vertically to get a sort of "simulated" jib shot.  I went ahead and purchased the tabletop dolly because I could not have built it myself for less than the asking price on eBay.

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Well maybe this can help you being poor. :)

It is a no cut or no drill accessory FRAME stabilizer.

All parts from ebay!

Check it out, I wrote the article. You may or may not like it.

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