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Cutting out current sky and adding a diff. one.

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I was reading in the Director's book and watched the special features on the "Twilight" movie that just came out on DVD.

There was one particular effect that I wasfascinatedwith. In the Baseball scene near the end, they cut out the clouds that were there and added dark menacing storm clouds with lightning.

On a program like FCP/Avid/Sony, how would something like this be done? On the smaller home scale?


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Animportant tool in sky replacementif the footageis movingis motion tracking...not all editors have this function like compositing programs such as AE and Motion. However, there are plugins like Boris FX that will allow you to motion track in programs like FCP and Premiere. Iwould stillsuggest using AE or Motion forbetter control and quality.

Here are a couple of tuts that will show youthe conceptsinvolved. You can then attempt to translate these techniques to use in various applications.