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color correction

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I have sony vegas movie studio platinum edition and i need to correct the white balance in some film that i shot. Can anyone please explain in detial how to do this on Vegas.

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I don't know if the Movie Studio has this FX but take a look at the color curves effect (in your video effects). Play around with the line, keeping it as a gentle "S" shape and see how that works.

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New Blue makes a bunch of Plugins, including FX. On the FX plugins there are a ton of different pre sets for Color Corrections and Grading. Also has sets for Movie Look, and you can mess around with the settings to get the look you want. Way Better then the Color Correction Bars that I really dispise.

Any Questions, on the New Blue Fx,let me know..

On our site, is a bunch of Video, i use these FX in. Check the Lasek Labor day, i used a bunch in that.