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Can you review my "bugdet."?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi All,
A friend has asked me for a budget in producing a 12-15 minute video of a program for teens in healthy relationships. As is typical, the client doesn't really know what they want, but I can make a reasonable guess based on 25 years working with this population. So, I made up the bugdet you see below. Comments, advice, adjustments, etc most welcome!
8 hours Camera Production work @ $65/ hr = $520
Includes equipment transport and set up for 3 hours for pre-interviews, 3 hours for post interviews and 2 hours for class.)
8 hours Consultation Fee @ $60/hr = $480
Includes time spent pre-production and post-production with the client. Post production includes reviewing and logging raw footage.)
8 hours editing @ $25/hr = $200
(Includes creating titles, ending credits, and burning DVD's. Does NOT include music.)
Equipment Rental & Materials = $500
Original Music = $300

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