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can I mix Final Cut Pro with Adobe Premiere?

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So i'm trying to become a Video Editing Professional in Africa.
In my country, Apple Mac's are very expensive, and hard to come by.
It's all about PCs where I come from.
Now the NY Film School is doing dome training programme for folks in Nigeria, and I have chosen to take training in Video Editing.

The problem is the training will be done on the Final Cut Pro software which requires the use of Macs. So my fear is that at the end of the training, if I don't have a Mac, I would need to continue my training with some other software, like Adobe Premiere. So my question now is, are the differences in FCP and AP so much that I shouldn't bother with Final Cut Pro at all???

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It translate\relate - check there are numerous clips showing how the two products can work together. one example can be found here

There are several overviews that outline the process in Premiere Pro - here is the link to a pretty good one

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Thanks Jeff.

But sorry for my confusing title.

By "Mix",
I actually meant to learn the Craft of Editing with Final Cut , yet end up working with Adobe.

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Yes, the second link I included talks about FCP users and how easy it is to switch over to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Good Luck.

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i suspect what you learn in final cut pro will translate to premiere pro

i started with pinnacle studio and made the transition to premiere pro quite easily, i foundit pretty easy to use

i think you'll have a harder time figuring out the differences between the mac operating system and the PC operating systems, but if you're familiar with PC's that should be no problem in the end. that's just my two cents.

good luck!

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Because apple discontinued FCP, I see no reason to learn it now. It'd not hurt you any... I just don't see it helping you either. Bottom line, if it's free, go at least learn some mac tricks. If it's not, save your money and do some online tutorials for the tools you'll be using.

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Hey Rotimi,

I have some good adobe websites as well as fcp sites on my blog, maybe you can check it out to see if it helps;]

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Just thought I would chime in here. Depending on the job, I switch between FCP on my MacBookPro, Premiere Pro on either the MacBook or my PC and on simple projects, Sony Vegas Pro on my old PC desktop, which gives faster access to a lot of features and a very good integrated audio toolset without having to use an external audio editor.

I just finished a project where I captured live video into FCP through a Matrox MX02 Mini, did my rough cuts on FCP, exported the .mov files and continued the edits in Premiere CS5.5 (Which I am transitioning over to) The Matrox box doesn't (yet) import directly into Premiere. There are a lot of fanboys who will extol the virtues of one NLE over another. To me they are tools in the box. My Craftsman roll-around has a LOT of screwdrivers... You use what will give you the best results for the job at hand.