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Best Shotgun Microphone to use with Zoom H4N

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I have a Zoom H4n, and I was intending getting the NTG-2, and plugging that into the H4n with the NTG-2 mounted on a boom pole to record audio for short films.

I have heard a lot about the problems that the NTG-2 has with the Zoom H4n and don't want to spend the money for it not to work.

Just to clarify I am looking to spend no more than 250/300 on a shotgun mic, but I really want the highest quality sound possible.

Thanks for the help!

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The $229Azden SGM-2X is my next upgrade mic. It gives you the choice of powered or phantom, omni or cardioid. Very well reviewed, both at Amazon and B&H. Sadly, I don't know where to find them in the UK - didn't see them in stock at Amazon UK.

I have an old Azden SMX-10 and Azden VHF wireless mics and they have served me very well.



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