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audio sync

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I have a problem. I am starting on my shooting videos for weddings and because of my small budget i am using a olympus ws-300m digital voice recorder. So can add more audio quality to my videos. i am also using the camera mic (panasonic agdvx100b), but when i upload my audio file to my time line (FCP) and sync the audio whit the video file the first minutes are ok but after that i can ear the audio unsync this is the audio file upload from the digital voice recorder.

Can someone give advice


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It really depends on the make, model and quality of the unit, Jorge. I have no experience with your model digital voice recorder. They all seem to vary a lot regarding how accurate or well they record. I use the Zoom H2 series standalone digital audio recorders and have NOT had a drifting or sync problem for recordings of more than an hour in length. My Canon camcorders record on MiniDV tape and after digitizing video and ingesting audio from a card reader, I'm good to go short of going into Soundtrack Pro for some sweetening, mostly normalizing. I have had audio sources that drifted every few minutes in the past and had to break out the audio, cut it and shift along the way to sync it up for the full project.

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well to tell you the voice recorder is not that top of the line for the moment it works at least to get better audio, until i can get a shuotgun mic or some thing else that can get me better audio. I will look at the zoom h2 to see if i can get something like it.


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Check out the Tascam DR07 I believe is the model..Guitar Center has them on sale for $89.00..!! Problem could be the sampling freq. is not that other words not good quality. I used to use the pocket recorders, Now I have moved to a dedicated wireless mic and saves me lots of sync problems.




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Can you help me out on a the brand you are using to have a future reference?.

Thank you

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Don't discount the notion your audio recorder is fine.

"I had an experience..." A couple years ago I did a music video. I used two tape cameras, and a Zoom H2. Therefore I had 3 audio lines to sync. It turns out that the audio track on my less expensive camera was only good for 1 minute at a time - the drift was obvious at the two minute mark and it was an echo at three minutes - but in a few instances I really need that audio. What I'm suggesting is if your agdvx100b may be running a little off speed and it's not the sort of thing you'd notice unless you were comparing to another audio track.