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Advice sought: Microphones for Kodak Zi8 camera & the iTouch

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Any recommendations for clip on mics, attached mics,
or wireless mics to enable the recording of at least 3 people for the Kodak Zi8
camera & the iTouch?|GOUS&cid=OAS-US-KWG-iPodBrandTerms-US



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blue fire itouch ap and radio shack lapel mic are a decent combination... for individuals, rode video mic possible will test the combination and get back to you.

you need to start with an older sony camcorder audio/video plug (or iphone mic/headphones jack) and cut it and solder a mono jack into the video wire (mic) and solder a stereo jack into the red and white audio wires. plug that into the itouch, and plug the rode mic into the video jack, and plug head phones into the audio jack. you can now monitor and record off the itouch using the blue fire ap.