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Adobe CS3 vs. CS4

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Has anyone used the Adobe CS3 Production Premium and then upgraded to the CS4 version?

I see that CS4 is missing Ultra from the bundle. Has this bothered anyone, or is it more convenient that way? If you upgrade, do you get to keep Ultra?

It might be more convenient, since I'm thinking most chroma keying can be effectively done with After Effectsand Premiere, so Ultra isn't needed. Am I right?

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I use After Effects for EVERYTHING including Keying. I never use Ultra. I think After Effects is a GREAT program that would benefit your productions if you learn how to use it!

CS4 rocks by the way. It's great! Premiere CS4 kicks CS3's ass.

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Nice! I too love After Effects. You have my same point of view. I would use After Effects for keying too. Thanks for the info. When I get the money, I'll go straight to CS4.

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Hey Paul ... I just posted a question in the Production Gear forum you may be able to help me with. Could you take a look please? It's about putting together a new editing system and using CS4.

Thanks, Larry

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After Effects Rocks!!!!

I mean seriously....c'mon.

People would be out of business if it wasn't for AE...

AE saves lives...

If there is no AE, there isNO is garbage!

AE should be mandatory!

We shall put it to vote!