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$1,000 Loopster Lifestyle Contest

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What is your Loopster Lifestyle? Win $1,000 by editing your video and getting in the top 10 most liked video at It's really that simple. Easy as 1-2-3 to win. There is no right or wrong (just keep it clean). For more details please go to www.loopster.comp.s. no software to download and best of all, it's FREE!

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Besides the loud explanation on the website (not helpful at 5:00 AM), what makes your editing solution better than the entry level NLE's available for <$100 or what YouTube does for novices?

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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Not trying to be loud to wake everyone up lol. What is nice about Loopster is it's free and no software to download. We believe ours is easier to use than competitors and will strive to keep improving. Additionally, we offer the user to allow their family and friends to use their personal videos in their videos. We hope to provide a true easy solution to quick editing. Thanks for letting me get the word out and hope everyone enjoys their experience on our beta site.

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At end of September 1st. We will review the 10 most liked videos on Loopsterand declare a winner. Don't worry, anyone affiliated with Loopster is not qualified so you can ignore user names that have the name Loopster on it. GL

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September 1st, 2012 :-)

We hope to do another contest soon afterwards that will last several months. It will be a much larger prize and will start after our bike is aired on Discovery Channel mid Sept.