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4 Common Lighting Setups for Professional Video

Though great lighting does require some artistic prowess, even the first-time video enthusiast can get great results. To help you make professional looking lighting, we'll show you the steps everyone should take for a good lighting, how to place lights and equipment in outdoor settings, and proper 4-point, 2-point, and even 1-point lighting setups.


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Hi lufezo, As you probably know there are many light kits to choose from, making the decision seemingly impossible. To narrow down your choices the first thing you want to determine is the kind of shooting you will be doing. Are you primarily in a studio, or always on the go? If you're constantly traveling with your lights, you may want to choose something that is highly portable and compact. Secondly, what kind of shooting are you doing? Does your content call for a soft light source (interviews, etc.) or a hard light for more drama? And lastly, what is your budget? For more information on lights, we have a whole section of our site dedicated to lighting: Also, the Videomaker Forum is a great place to quickly get answers to your questions:
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