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"Snap" Drama Captures Mood of Lackluster Economy

Michael Comulada

Fort Worth, TX

Prize: Canon XHA1 Camcorder

A tightly-edited drama that is eerily well-suited for today's lackluster economy.


radioguy's picture

I liked it right from the start. Nice writing. Good twist at the end. Not unlike a modern day Rod Serling "Twilight Zone." Camera angles were great. Nice work on the soundtrack.
Jose Antonio's picture

Well done. I thought the overall production was good; good casting, good timing/editing... The story could have been made stronger without giving it away -any more than the opening scene did- with a tweak here and there but still; you did a good job, well done.
Anonymous's picture

that was a waste of time..very poorly done.. looked like a kid was trying to hold up a heavy camera.. very poor stabilization.. made me dizzy trying to keep it in focus..the script was fine the acting was over done,