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Canon Vixia HV40 OR Canon Rebel T3i?

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sorry if this is in the wrong place.

i'm just someone looking to shoot films as a hobby.
i'm interested in filming some short films, sports videos, music videos and some things for school.

i have a low low budget of around $600~800.

which camera would be best for me?

i know the t3i can shoot 60fps which would be nice for sports videos and slow mo.

manual focus is also very important for me.

and any other cameras within this price range that could be recommended would be greatly appreciated as wel. thanks.

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I would suggest the t3i for what you are doing. The only issue is with fast moving sports and how the sensor scans you will get a lot of warp aka jello footage when panning too fast. You can fix this in about any intermediate editing program but it is just somthing to look into.

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one thing to remember to get decent audio you are going to have to spend more with the t3i, and make sure your editor can handle the footage or you may have to go to an intermediate codec.


I use an HV30 and love it, though I really want a big honking shoulder mounted cam like I used in TV. ;-)

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I have to agree with billmecca, the problem with dslr's is that there is more work in post-production to do to get the best out of a dslr. I think if you can handle that a t3i is for you.

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I do live performance videos and use both a t2i and a VIXIA.  While you indicate that manual focus is important you need to be aware that focusing on moving subjects during shooting is really difficult using the small LCD screens of either of these cameras.  The VIXIA does a great job of keeping auto focus on moving subjects.  If you do decide to go for the t3i I strongly recommend that you look into the free Magic Lantern firmware package.  Its focus aids are a tremendous help. 


I use dual system sound with a Zoom H4n recorder and sync in the edit but that adds cost and work.  Sound is really a whole different set of issues but it is critical in making good videos.