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Here is a video

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Here is a video I parody on the facebook timeline video that came out. I have new titles/words on each scene.

This whole video was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 for the Facebook timeline and then edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5.5

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Great Video! I just enabled your Videomaker Plus account.


Thanks for participating!

Mike Wilhelm

Videomaker's Editor-in-Chief

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At first I thought ah man not another one of those lame videos but....  Your video is really good and well done.. Very cool and great job.

Jeff Media Fish Productions

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Thanks! The video took me a little bit of time to do with designing the whole facebook profile in photoshop and then editing in premiere pro and after effects. But I had a great time creating it. I am glad you liked the video! Thanks for watching! :)

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It's interesting how you would call this a spoof of the Facebook timeline as you actually did a very good job of 'selling' the benefits of having the new Facebook layout. At least, until the very last second when she deleted her account.


It's a very clever theme.  I liked how the user of Facebook was 'converted' to the idea.  There is serious advertising potential to your work, meaning you could turn your talents to working with others. 


Even if this was meant to be funny, the end result was persuasive. 



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