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pixelating issue

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Hello Friends in the United States! 


I need advise to solve a pixelating problem. I Use the camera Sony A77 for video recording. It happens that in a clip appeared a pixelatin problem. There is no possibility to record again. How can I, in the future, avoid to have this issue. Exists any software to reduce or to eliminate the pixilating of the clip. 


Thank You at advance for any help.



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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You're going to have to look for the source for the pixalation of your video. Its obviously not the write speed of the card but is likely a hardware issue. If anyone ever came up with a software for that, they would be a very rich man but I don't know of anything that can put in infomation that is not there. Some software can sample from a frame before or after but pixalation is going to cause many frames to be without information in sequence. I don't think you're going to find a software fix for that. Sorry

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make sure you dont have digital zoom turned on in camera, in your editing software make sure you are using the correct sequence settings to match your camera codec.





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