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Moderators can Block Spammers

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Hi, Guys... thanks for hanigng with us while we're working out a few bugs on the new web design. Earl asked me yesterday if Moderators can block spammers, and, happily, the answer is yes. Block away!

Mike says you just have to click the "Active" button in the user's profile and it will block them:

I deleted 40 spams all over the site the other day from the same guy - they were in the blogs, forums, articles and videos, and I had to do a mass delete of his posts, then I deleted him, which didn't do any good because he just came back the next day and opened a new account. By blocking him this time around, I think I got rid of him... now on to the next!
Good luck - have fun - and, again, thanks for being a part of the Videomaker Team!
Love ya all!

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 I've built up a couple of forums for people and I still work on a couple behind the scenes. Most of the spamers I've delt with come through easy registration where there is no captcha type element for confirmation of human registration required. Most of them are bots, software that just seeks out forums to spam that have no registration hurdles.


I use keycaptcha on the forums I help administor that requires the registrant assemble a picture before their form can be submitted. You might also find there may be a software that uses a known data base for spam bots by email and user names collected from all over the net that will work with your forum software. That way if they have been caught before that can't bother you.


There are a few things you can do to stop them or the majority of them before they can get in.

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Thank you a ton guys for destroying (removing) spammers. I hate spammers. 


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Hi guys,


I got permission to post a little about our site but I think it got deleted pretty quickly as spam - it genuinely wasnt spam!


Any chance it could reappear please?


Thank you :)


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Your new forum topic had not yet been published. It is live now. Thanks for your patience! :)