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Backing up projects

I have considered backing up using blu ray disks but I am not sure that this really beats using external hard drives.  Each of my projects takes about 100GB storage.  This would require 4 25GB disks.  I currently pay about $40/TB for external drives in 3TB size. Thus a project costs $4.00.  When I consider the write time, read back time and disk cost the blu ray option doesn't sound that good in comparison.   When I fill one up I just buy another and turn the old one off.  Any time I need to access an archived project I just turn the old drive back on.  I currently have about 15TB of drives.  I generally have one or 2 on line at a time.

backing up projects

They say you can never have too many backups. You should have a few physical, and a couple digital. I've ran into million dollar deals where they could have fallen through if not for the multiple backups. 

Blu vs HD

The difference is the Blu Ray discs last substantially longer than the hard drives. Optical discs are less prone to damage from heat, basic transport, and other things that affect all the hard drives. 25 gig Blu Ray discs are under $1 each now.

...we back up to extrernal

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...we back up to extrernal hard drives and use BluRay for off-site back-ups in case of catestrophic studio damage (flood, fire, et al)... seems to be working well so far (4 years in to the system)

Backing up the backups

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I back up on to external hard drives and then to the cloud. Yes, it's extra hours for the computer to work at night while I sleep, but at least I sleep!  I know it seems like disks being protected for 20 years is forever (particularly in video footage), but I can't imagine sorting through tons of disks in 20 years to find some irreplaceable, historical shot, and finding the disk is corrupted or I that don't own a device that will still play that format! 


So I actually have (at the moment) a hub running a Fantom "back up everything" drive, a small buffalo external mini-station for my business and music files, and a Seagate external 2T for my current video projects. The folders I want to save are then backed up to the cloud (I use "My Other Drive," because Carbonite wouldn't take external drives when I first wanted cloud backup.)


Call me crazy, but I've had a couple of computers (one Sony laptop, one XP desktop) killed during power surges in the old days, and one external HD (don't remember the brand) that died a mysterious death. I've also had spindles of disks disappear during moves, or that had been captured with software that is no longer accessible anywhere! So at least this way, I get pretty good protection at a not-insane price. (Of course now you know that I'm a bit paranoid about my stuff...).