MAGIX Video Pro X6 Video Editing Software Review

Image of MAGIX Video Pro timeline with color correction properties.


Magix User

I've been using Magix video, audio and graphic design software since the early 2000's. The software is extremely intuitive yet powerful since they draw from their professional line of products to make their consumer line.  Since I work with digital film independently, I don't need the professional tools Avid or Adobe Premier software offer for broadcast or large team productions. I have Sony Vegas, but never really got into it; because with Magix you just can edit, rather than spending time trying to figure-out a somewhat non-intuitive GUI like Vegas.


With regards to Video ProX, I own Version 6, but if you don't need multi-cam, or advanced CODECS like DVCPRO, go with their Movie Edit Pro 2104 Premium for $100:  It's almost the same product and time-tested stable.  Their audio products are amazing also.


Worth a try.

I agree entirely

Yes I too have been using Magix software for many years; and always felt it deserved more recognition. Movie Edit Pro has always been so much more intuitive for me, against the usual consumer offerings; a track is just a "track", so none of this "video track" "audio track" etc. for example. I too have Sony Vegas, but found its interface cumbersome.


Like you, I also have the latest Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium, but upgraded to Pro X6 recently on a special offer. One point not really emphasised here is the multi camera or DSLR separate audio sync; it's good, so I rarely use Dualeyes now.



Magix rarely mentioned feature

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I've used Magix Pro versions for years.  One feature rarely mentioned in reviews is the ability to use multiple formats on the timeline and edit in real time with no transcoding.  Being a bargain hunter, and underwater videographer, I have several (7) HD cameras of different formats.  I'm not about to change from my two Sony A1U cameras because I have 2 underwater housings that cost more than the cameras.  I can put the A1U mpg HD on a timeline, mix it with my Panasonic GH2 mts, and my Canon TX1 HD avi clips and Magix doesn't even hiccup.  Then throw in my Canon HV30 and Canon HF200 and now the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera clips and away we go!!  At concerts I'll use at least 4 cameras with 3 of them remote controlled for pan/tilt/zoom/start/stop/focus and use Magix's multiple cam mode and create a master track in real time. Then I have to go back and finesse the clip cuts a half second or two and I'm done.  Magix gives the option of one track or separate video/audio tracks and keep them locked, or separate them, or lock completely separate clips together in any way desired.  I did have to upgrade my computer for multiple format multi-cam editing, but now my 8 core with SSD C-drive and 16g RAM pretty much does the job.  Sometimes a minor lag due to the format differences, but I can live with it.


VidKid, Each year Magix releases new versions of its software.  For VideoProX, the upgrade is $199.  I personally think that's steep, considering the added features are just incremental improvements or added features you may, or may not use (like professional features such as live multi-cam editing).  I wish Magix would make the upgrade $99, especially going from X5-to-X6.  I've been compensating for the steep upgrade price by upgrading every other year.

X5 will do multi-cam and multi-format

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I started I think with X3, and they did 4 multi-cam, now up to 9 I think.  I seldom use more than 4.  So your X5 will do a lot of X6.  I agree the $199 is steep for incremental benefits.  I think one of the enhancements was faster and better use of other CPU's and 64 bit, even though X5 is 64 bit as I recall.  They did add some outside vendor add-ons for X6, but I seldom use them.  As noted, first time buyers pay $399; upgrades are $199, or half price.  Still, $199 is a lot to pay when you already have most of the features.  I've been using multi-formats since X4, but I think X6 did add some more formats.  Just have to try them.  I also like the way Magix allows creation of multiple timelines, so I create one, longest version, then add one or two more timelines and rename them and make youtube and other versions that are shorter.  Just copy and paste clips as I would with MS Word between timelines. I usually render to MS wmv 720p for upload to youtube.  Good compromise between HD quality and file size.  Magix's screen capture works well also.  One thing that doesn't work too well is multiple monitors.  I sometimes have glitches on the two monitors I use.  I put the Program screen on the 2nd monitor and sometimes is has issues.  Not major.  I just have to go into settings and un-check it, then check again and it returns.




I went from X4 to X6 and realized that X6 did not have Red Giant's Magic Bullet Looks plug-in. I wrote Magix and they told me it wasn't included in X6, so I had to re-install X4 along with X6 to have the Magic Bullet Looks functionality in both programs.


Also whenever Video ProX went from 32-bit to 64-bit, the abilty to run NewBlueFX Plugins was lost.  That's why I'm still using Magix's Movie Edit Pro 2014.  I have use of all the NewBlueFX and Red Giant (Looks) plugins.




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That upgrade price is definitely a bit steep. (Hopefully, Magix is reading this.)  I started using Magix (Movie Edit Pro 11) back in the early 90's.  It is a good alternative to the high-priced Adobe products.

I wish that I had joined in a long time ago.  You guys provide a lot of wonderful information on video Pro X--. 

I agree, Magix Pro X isn't great on add-ons

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I agree Magix isn't logical on add-ons.  To me, when I buy the best and most expensive version, I want all the bells and whistles of lower priced versions, as well as new and more complicated stuff.  No sense is paying less for more; and really no sense in paying more for less.  One of Magix's quirks.  With the pro version I want all the transistions, plug-ins, and add-ons of all lower priced versions, and all previous versions.  Somehow, that just seems logical to me.  I don't use them like you do, but still, I'm paying more, I want more.  Very simple, give me more stuff for more $$.