Autodesk Smoke 2013 Visual Effects Software Review



What is Smoke?

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I'm sorry, I read the article and just had to comment.  You wasted 1289 words to try and tell us what smoke is and I have no clue except, ".., it is an all-in-one tool for editing and finishing (effects and color correction, primarily), and it's always been a good one."  Well, one could say that about Pinnacle's or Cyberlink's editors at 1/10 the price.  I do not feel compelled to download it as I don't see the value, based on your article.  All I know is that its mostly for AVID, FCP and PP users.  Could one use it with Edius, SVP or MAGIX?  Why invest in it if I already have DaVinci, AFX, or Red Giant & New Blue - all much cheaper in price?  And what's worse, you shoot yourself in the foot when you say, "You'll be looking to add additional tools such as After Effects, a 3D app and some plug-ins for your various tasks, but Smoke 2013 includes all the tools you will require in one program." No, it doesn't - and you just said so. Since I already have AFX and 3D programs, again I ask, "What is Smoke and why do I need it?" 


Hey there,


I wrote the article, and you could be right. I am writing for the audience the article was aimed at - those who have never used Smoke before.


The short answer is what the article says: it's a software program for editing footage, performing post production tasks to footage and finalizing and outputting footage. It can replace or simply fit in with your FCPX or PP/AE workflow.


What else would you like me to detail? I'll gladly get as specular as you're looking for here.






P.S. nice work with the word count. Turns out I came up short of my 1300 word quota.  :-)