MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus Introductory Editing Software Reviewed

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus Introductory Editing Software Reviewed


I use this software and th

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I use this software and the DVD burn doesn't work. Over there at Magix I have been unable to get any answer other than another person saying they have the same problem. Here is the link to my video identifying the problem. Here is the other persons comment on this same problem. I bought Movie Edit Pro 17 a couple of weeks ago, and I've been going through a lot of pain trying to burn a pretty simple DVD with video files (avi) and photos (jpg). I agree with you; no program shoud be this hard to get it to work properly. And I find it disgusting that you have to pay for customer support, which I refuse to do. Item 1: The message about ranges without image or movie: I guessed what you guessed, that it's the space between fades. I cannot even get rid of them. I go back to the Storyboard and choose "No fade" in order to get rid of the blank space, but the program won't do it. So, I just click "Ignore". Item 2: Should the existing ......VOB file be used. I guess it's a file the program creates as it's about to burn a DVD, and it's probably the one it had created when it crashed last. I choose "Encode all", assuming the program is going to encode (I'm guessing that's "create") everything from scratch. Item 3: The aborted burn. I was trying to use an animated DVD menu. I finally had success burning a DVD when I removed the Sound/Music and Video in the "Design Page" section of the Edit tab of the Burn menu. I guess what this means is "don't use animated DVD menu tamplates, use only the static DVD menu templates".

I enjoyed this article. I

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I enjoyed this article. It was nice to see the media taking notice of this powerful yet inexpensive software. I have been using it since version 12, and am currently using 15-plus. Why haven't I upgraded? Like most people, I haven't yet jumped on the 3D bandwagon. In addition to the official Magix forum, there's another forum you can try: I had tried the official forum previously, but this MEP Users Group at Ning was much more helpful. Sorry I don't have much in the way of suggestions for the DVD burning issue... I have had issues in the past with burning DVDs from the Windows burning software too. Perhaps it's a driver problem? Part of what you're paying for with the more expensive editing programs is that customer support. The additional $300-$500 in the purchase price is paying some dude to answer phones and emails. Brian McGovern

Hi, If you need more, Magi

Hi, If you need more, Magix give to you so much in the version 17 plus is near a Pro level version. Probably users looking for more than one track product or users focusing on price of $100 for a good product is the best product. Learning curve is intermediate more functions need more time to learn and use; the software look and has structure of a commercial software not the fancy buttons, frames and screens. If you are ready to use something more powerfull Magix is the solution. Regards, YR

I have used this and othe

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I have used this and other 'Magix' software, for some time, beginning with their 'Video-Studio Pro 1.5'. I use 'Movie-Edit Pro17Plus' a lot these days, because I can no longer afford to keep up with recent 'Pro' developments, in these budget-conscious times. In deference to your other contributors, and the problems being experienced with the 'Burning' process, I am afraid I cannot help, as all of my stuff, once rendered, goes into TMPGEnc software for further treatment as a matter of routine. However, for those experiencing difficulties, I would recommend taking a really critical look at the state of your computer, both features-wise and in terms of regular maintenance sessions. 'Movie Edit Pro17 Plus' offers an amazing array of features, but realistically, they are for a modern computer with more than 'home-computer grunt'. There are work-arounds and partial solutions on-offer in 'MEP17', such as setting the monitor screen to a lower levels of definition, for example. (I'm pleased to see that in the most recent release of this software, 'mpg2' files now display correctly, and no-longer as both interlaces side-by-side). On my eight-year-old computer with a single-core AMD Athlon 2.6gHz CPU, I experience no great difficulties with mpg2 and other formats; but it wouldn't look-near any 1920 x 1080 native-format editing, any more than I would expect it to. In any case, my involvement with 'full-HD' has consisted solely of upscaling, and at that, only impeccable 720x576 stuff, which may be actually slightly enhanced in quality if you go the right-way-about it. However, that involves some rather 'odd-ball' methods and formats along the way, so we won't go-there. In any case, it is not being attempted in 'MEP17Plus', but 'elsewhere'. In summary, I have used ten, or more different editors in the last few years, getting to where I am today. If you feel the right to be unduly critical of 'MEP17Plus' then frankly you would have been aghast at some of my discards' along-the-way. The most amazing thing, is that I don't know how 'Magix' are able to market, at the price they do, a package which lacks very few of the valued 'Pro' features we would all aspire to. Ian Smith Dunedin, New Zealand

I edit every day with Avid

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I edit every day with Avid Media Composer and I use Magix Video Pro-X 2.5 for my personal projects. Why? Best bang for the buck. Even on my aging Dual Xeon HP workstation it still handles things well. Sure, if I do chromakey with an animated lower third and another overlay in HD it will not play smoothly, but that is just playback. I also hae to say Chromakey is a breeze. Everytime I use it I find there is so much more under the hood. That said, there are some things I would probably change to make it "perfect" from my point of view, but they are not big items. There is so much to like and at a great price too. Every episode of my show Video QuikTips is edited on Video Pro-X, and my next two documentaries will be as well.