Adobe Creative Cloud Takes Flight

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Thank you for the nice article.  It should have included more emphasis on the specific reasons the professional community is outraged over Adobe selling us out.  The problem I have with Adobe's new distribution system is that I become locked in to forever paying a monthly fee to rent the software.  First, the fee is going to go up and up and up.  Sure, you can sign up now for a comparable cost to outright purchase but what about next year or five years from now?  $120/month will be charged.  In a market where video production revenues continue to fall, can you really pass this on to your customers?  Second, unless I continue renting the software, I cannot go back and make changes to former projects.  Third, I have very expensive workstations and, like a lot of professional production houses, I don't want to ever hook up my workstations to the Internet.  So, Adobe arrogantly thinks that what is best for them is best for me.  Sounds like Apple.  Guess I'm going back to Avid.