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Profitmaker: Making History

Family or company history videos may be a lucrative, untapped market in your area.

Family or company history videos may be a lucrative, untapped market in your area.

This month we are giving an idea away, as the marketers say, absolutely free and at no obligation. This free idea is one for a product that you, as a video professional, should be able to use immediately with tools you already have. All you have to do is read on and the idea will come to you, like the proverbial light bulb clicking on above your head.

One of the aspects of the video business that can be tough to define is the product itself. What are we selling? Can you answer that question in one sentence? I can't.

But I'll try: I sell the service of video, from start to finish. If my client has a need for a communications tool in the video medium, I can research the particular subject, put it into a script form, hire a crew, direct the shoot, make the edit decisions and get the copies made of the final product. That's the answer in two sentences, and one is a long one.

Although most video projects have most of the common attributes described above, this is where the similarities often end. A video created to sell a set of socket wrenches has a totally different feel and purpose than a music video for a rock band. (But the purpose is similar, both videos are selling something.)

Selling the service of creating videos means that each client has to learn what you do and also learn to trust that you really can do it. This can also be tricky if the client is looking for a type of video that you haven't actually produced before...

"As you can see from my demo tape, we have a wide range of experience."

"Yes," the client says, "very impressive. But I'm looking for a producer who can create a video about artificial insemination in iguanas. Have you done that before?"

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