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Glossary of Video Terms

Overwhelmed by the jargon? Heres a list of video-related terms to help you decode the cryptic vernacular of video.

aspect ratio
Proportional height and width of a picture on screen. The current NTSC standard for conventional receiver or monitor is four by three (4:3); 16:9 for HDTV.

audio dub
Recording audio over prerecorded videotape soundtrack, or a portion, without affecting prerecorded video images.

automatic exposure
Camcorder circuitry that monitors light levels and adjusts camcorder iris and/or shutter speed accordingly, compensating for changing light conditions.

.AVI (Audio-Video Interleave)
The PC file extension of the Video for Windows format.

character generator
Device which electronically produces letters, numbers, symbols and other graphic displays for on-screen video titling.

Portion of video signal that carries color information (hue and saturation, but not brightness); frequently abbreviate d as "C." [See luminance]

component video
A video signal in which the luminance (brightness) and chrominance (color) components are kept as separate signals to improve image quality.

composite video
The standard video signal that combines the luminance and chrominance into one signal.

Instantaneous change from one shot to another.

Shot of other than principal action (but peripherally related); frequently used as transitional footage or to avoid a jump cut.

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