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We're On the Web

Do you have a computer with a modem? Do you have Internet access? Do you know what the World Wide Web is?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, there's a good reason for you to learn more about the Web. We now have a place that you can visit on the Web called Videomaker's Camcorder & Desktop Video Site. If you have a Web browser, you can find us at If you don't have a browser, you're probably wondering what http:// means.

You probably know that you need a computer with a modem to get connected to the Internet; beyond that, it gets kind of fuzzy for many people. I'll try to explain. If the Internet is like a highway, then a Web site is like a drive-in. It's easy to stop by; you don't even have to get out of your car. We don't serve burgers at our drive-in and we don't show full-length movies; we show mostly text. Many of our past articles are available on our Web site.

If you have a sound card in your computer, you'll be able to hear sounds from our site. We've also got plenty of graphics available. You can download some of these sounds and graphics into your computer and use them in your video productions. We have title graphics (or mattes) that you can use like those that we've published in the pages of this magazine. You'll also find sound effects like doorbells, traffic and other basic sound effects that you may find handy for you own videos. We even have a few short MPEG movies available.

As I've said before, video consumes a hefty chunk of bandwidth and your phone line isn't capable of receiving too much of it. But we do have some short videos that you'll find amusing. In the future, we hope that technology will progress to a point where we can easily place the entire Videomaker TV show on our Web site.

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Tags:  July 1995
Sat, 07/01/1995 - 12:00am