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Digital Video on the PC: Video Production on Your Multimedia PCCreating Videos for School UseAdvanced Broadcast Camera Techniques

Digital Video on the PC: Video Production on Your Multimedia PC
Tom Bunzel (1997, Micro Publishing Press, 2340 Plaza del Amo, Suite 100, Torrance, CA 90501; 224 pp., $28)

If youre looking for a guide on how to jump into digital video, then this might be the book youve been seeking. Tom Bunzel, a producer of interactive, computer-based presentations, has written a basic overview of how to produce video for CD-ROMs and full-screen, full-motion output to videotape. He does an excellent job of covering both the low and high ends of production by using two basic systems: a 486 50MHz processor running Windows 3.11 and a system running Windows 95 on a 100MHz Pentium. Bunzels use of concrete examples adds real-life clarity to a subject that is often difficult for beginners to grasp. 5

Creating Videos for School Use
William J. Valmont (1995, Allyn and Bacon, 160 Gould St., Needham Heights, MA 02194; 243 pp., $35)

This very thorough book, written by a teacher, covers how to plan and produce your own videos and how to teach students to make videos as part of their everyday learning activities. Valmont presents several approaches to integrating video production into the classroom, how to organize school productions, the process of acquiring equipment and production techniques. Sample project ideas, as well as some handy photocopy-ready forms, are included in the appendix. The writing style is very textbook-like and could quite possibly produce a few yawns if read in lengthy doses, but the information and the surplus of creative ideas to be found within these pages is certainly beneficial, and a wonderful guide for both teacher and student. 4

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