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Edit Your Audio, Too

Uncover the secrets of successful sound with this feature chock full of tips for editing your audio.

If you've read the pages of Videomaker for a while--or maybe even if you haven't--you probably have a pretty good idea what video editing is. All you need are the right tools and equipment, some know-how and a good set of eyeballs. Pretty simple stuff, when you get right down to it.

But have you thought much about what it takes to make a good-sounding video? As it turns out, the requirements are basically the same. Good soundtracks require that you have access to the right tools, have an audio-savvy brain and a good set of ears. Thankfully, videographers at any experience level and budget can get all three of these without a huge investment in time or money.

What follows are a half-dozen basic guidelines for effective audio editing. These are designed to lay a foundation of knowledge that will serve you well on your next video. Until then, listen up!

Guideline #1: Keep Your Goal in Sight
When it comes to audio editing, videographers will have different goals for the many different types of scenes they're working with. In one part of a video, you may be using music or sound effects to enhance a certain mood. In another section, adding sounds may be the key to helping the audience suspend their disbelief of some on-screen illusion. Every audio goal is important, and each requires a slightly different approach.

If your goal is to enhance a certain mood with sound or music, subtlety is the key. The chirp of birds, the crackle of a fire, the patter of a gentle rain and other such mood sounds can add immensely to a scene if used with subtlety.

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