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Mind Your Own Videomaking Business

Anyone who can master the essentials of video production may have what it takes to benefit from a money-making videomaking opportunity of a lifetime.

Starting a new business is a highly desirable goal for many people; fulfillment lies ahead for those who succeed.

The videomaking business is developing like the video software rental industry. Years ago, the early enthusiasts who had a good collection of tapes slowly but surely expanded into the video rental business.

Similarly, devoted videomakers could find themselves on the ground floor of great business opportunities-if they start now.

The key to succeeding in the business of videomaking is to create enough volume and profit. Profits from only a few high-quality, time-intensive projects a year rarely can support anyone who's self-employed.

Unless you are wealthy and don't need to earn a living, you must stimulate volume by increasing the number of projects your business undertakes. This may seem impossible, and it's discouraging to invest your time and money without a competitive edge.

Even if you're new to the videomaking business, you probably know there are more wedding videomakers than any other category of employed video camera operators; broadcast and cable camerapersons are greatly outnumbered.

But as long as you have imagination, brainstorming for new video business opportunities is easy.

All of this camcorder/VCR stuff is really new. We, the videomakers, are just learning how to bring these high-tech communication tools into people's lives.

Chances are, you'll be the only video camera operator in your area who specializes in one of the innovative video business opportunities inspired by this article.

The Business of Business

Before committing to a video business opportunity, it's important to assess your abilities.

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