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Earn Income with Training Videos

Earn Income with Training Videos

Are you looking to earn income with your knowledge and skills in video production? You came to the right place! "How To" Video in Three Steps, Using Six Rules and Five Ideas.

Three steps help build good "How To" Videos: tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. This article illustrates a three-step approach. You'll discover six basic rules for planning and producing a good video. You'll read five money-making possibilities for hobbyists, video producers or commercial publishers. This article assumes you know the basics for good video: planning, framing, lighting and audio. I'll share how basics apply in producing good "how to" video.

Six Rules

These six rules are essential to an effective production. Follow them and you'll produce a winner.

1 - Presentation. You and/or your talent must have well-informed knowledge of the subject. Prompt cards help, but familiarity rules. This is not always obvious. The talent should speak well and not mumble. Keep narrative pacing smooth and unhurried, but avoid drawing it out too long. Avoid clothing colors like red or white and stripes or tweeds.

2 - Hear the Room. Reduce audio interference - air conditioner hum, refrigerators, planes, trains and automobiles. Using a wireless mic is no guarantee. Place the mics close to the speakers if music is important. A shotgun or boom-mounted mic is easier to control. A hard-wired unidirectional mic rather than one with an omnidirectional ability helps. Listen carefully to your audio and address problems early.

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