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On Ramp: VHS Distribution

VHS Distribution

One of the greatest joys of videomaking is the thought that, eventually, other people may actually see the production you've been slaving on for months. And for those financially-inclined readers, this scheme sets up a monetary reward as well. As long as an audience exists that wants to view your videos, this same audience may be willing to pay to view those very same videos. That's correct, you can actually make money with this hobby-turned obsession. Now I've got your interest!

Getting your tapes viewed, purchased or rented should be a top priority for any serious videomaker. All of these functions fall under the umbrella of distribution--that magic word that makes producers salivate. Distribution is what makes the film and video world turn. While distribution is obviously responsible for placing films in your local multi-plex, it also allows you to go down to the local video shop and rent a copy of Tombstone, purchase The Lion King at McDonalds or order the latest Faces of Death installment from the back of a magazine.

And it's distribution that brings special interest videos, documentaries, instructional tapes and other small and low-budget productions to audiences worldwide. Imagine this kind of distribution making your tapes available to the masses.

Even though traditional video distribution is a multi-billion dollar business that moves hundreds of thousands of VHS tapes and titles around the globe yearly, the reality is that distributors are tough to find.

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Fri, 12/01/1995 - 12:00am